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Meet the face behind
these gorgeous nails

Hello and welcome to KP Nails! My name is Kristina, and I'm excited to share my journey with you.


After completing my degree in pharmacy and working in the field for some time, I realized my true passion lay in the art and beauty industry. This led me to Canada, where I started my career as a nail artist nine years ago.

Over the years, I've honed my craft and specialized in Russian Manicure, using E-File and Dry Manicure techniques. But my passion for the industry doesn't stop there. I've also become a skilled instructor, with years of experience teaching both offline and online courses.

As an instructor, I've had the privilege of helping countless aspiring nail artists achieve their dreams. My individual classes are tailored to each student's skill level and learning style, ensuring they receive the personalized attention and guidance they need. Additionally, my online courses provide a comprehensive education on various nail techniques and business management, earning me a reputation as a sought-after instructor in the beauty industry.

Join me in my nail paradise, and experience the magic of my exquisite nail artistry. Whether you're looking to improve your skills as a nail artist or just want a stunning set of nails, I've got you covered.



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